My Lord-YHWH-El-Shaddai

My Lord-YHWH-El Shaddai
In my youth I learned of thee,
But, taken not too seriously
I knew God was there, but knew little of spiritual things
But, I still called in time of great need.
But of thee I wondered some and
I wandered a bit, searching and seeking–
For I knew not what.
In time, destiny’s opportunities converged
And caught my eye; I turned to see;
I reached; cautiously considered, and found
The soil of my heart sufficient for the seed to abound.
Planted, it began to grow and I found
A covenant path before me go, and so…
I seek thee… again.
Belief, Hope and growing Faith have become…
The leaven for Charity, and
Soon I find myself before your temple gates…
Washed, anointed, and endowed—
Having walked your Way, so straight and narrow;
Of Obedience, Sacrifice, the Gospel too, of Chasity, and a Consecrated life- to You
I know, You are there, I sense it here, inside, here, deep in my heart.
I have sought thee diligently, though not consistently so,
I am in need of thy Atonement, desperately so.
On bended knee, with humble heart, I plead, for Thy Mercy and Grace.
A thinly veiled door before me lies;
I knock three times, hoping to see;
A hand is extended; I grasp in glee;
As hand to back draws me close
I hear thy words whisper from mouth to ear;
You seek to know what I want the most, having traveled–
On this path of Truth and Faith–
Leading to Light and Knowledge from my Lord;
So, I exclaim! To enter into your presence, even with your smile, is my desire–
A confirmation of my Hope; For, thou art my Hope.

Ah! Seeing thee again!
Oh, what Joy…My soul is consumed;
May it ever be so!
Through cycles of Creation and Eternal Rounds
May I find Thy Grace ever abound
May Thy Mercy Seat forever be my inheritance, along with my family.
Until I too become like Thee…
Ever part of a Divine-Eternal-Family

Jack T. Hinkle- January 2, 2019

For now I am shutting down this blog and all other posts deleted. May God’s blessings be with you now and forever. Awake, look up and ascend to Him. September 15, 2019.

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